Active Projects

Cloud research at the Service-centric Networking Chair of TU Berlin 2012 - 2015

I’m developing a novel cloud service brokering approach as well as a security protocol for SaaS solutions within the TRESOR research project.

The main objective of TRESOR is developing new technologies to enable and demonstrate secure cloud computing for the German health sector. My main research topic is the brokering of cloud services based on a novel DSL, a pertinent business vocabulary, and a special software component. Additionally I’ve developed the Trusted Cloud Transfer Protocol (TCTP), which enables secure end-to-end communication with Software-as-a-Service solutions. I also created the SDL-NG framework, the TRESOR proxy, and the TRESOR Broker.

The Open Service Compendium 2015 (est.)

I’m building an open and crowd-sourced cloud brokering platform.

I want to combine the research carried out for my dissertation and the results of the TRESOR research project into a web platform which allows anyone to describe, compare, and broker cloud services. It will feature a concise domain-specific language, a continuously evolving business vocabulary, a brokering component, and an easy to use web interface.

Meine LisDE since 2013

You can create a LisDE, fill it with entries, and send it to other people.

I created “Meine LisDE” as a side project to continuously improve my web programming skills and to try new stuff, such as MongoDB. With “Meine LisDE” you can send people lists of tasks for them to check. The list creator can also specify what people can do with the lists, for example, add new entries, or have them enter a name when marking tasks as done.

Completed Projects

Building a cloud developer ecosystem 2008-2012

I helped to establish Developer Garden, the developer ecosystem of Deutsche Telekom.

Within the project I was responsible for creating a model-driven framework to automatically generate multi-platform SDKs (Java, PHP, .NET) as well as PDF/HTML documentation and code samples. This generation lead to high quality code, a consistent user experience, and saved costs due to extensive automation. I’ve written my master’s thesis about this framework. I also created a Developer Garden TYPO3 extension, a Facebook application, a Yahoo widget, and a screencast. Customizing the Developer Garden TYPO3 website, as well as maintaining the original developer WordPress blog were also some of my tasks.

Working in this project extended my skill set considerably, especially within the areas of model-driven and cloud development with Java/PHP/.NET. I also enjoyed working in a team employing agile development practices. Building a developer community was a challenging and rewarding experience.

Java Tutoring 2006-2008

I gave Java tutorials for fellow business computing students at the University of Applied Sciences.

Organizing and holding the tutorials were tasks which I handled autonomously. Tutorial topics included object orientation, graphical user interfaces, concurrent programming, web development, and design patterns.

Teaching a programming language to novice students trained my presentation and explanation skills considerably. I also took the chance to dive deeply into some of the advanced topics of Java (and programming languages in general), such as memory management, garbage collection, the inner workings of virtual machines, etc.

Shop and online presence 2006-2013

I implemented and hosted a Ruby on Rails web shop and the TYPO3 website for Fleurada KG.

For eight years my custom built Ruby on Rails based webshop enabled 300+ wholesale customers of the floral supplies company Fleurada KG to place their orders online, which were 150k€ in volume yearly. It also featured a .NET tool which generated Microsoft Word documents containing the current offers to be sent weekly to all customers. Additionally I’ve enabled my client to manage their website using TYPO3. A change in company policy lead to the termination of my contract and the migration to the online shop module of their CRM system.

The web shop was my first Ruby on Rails project, which taught me how (not) to do things. Working with Ruby on Rails in 2006 was an eye-opener for me, as I was only accustomed to PHP and J2EE before that. Rails boosted my productivity tenfold, which provided the basis for a lasting affinity until this day. Working with a framework for such a long time allows me to deeply understand not only the “hows”, but also the “whys” and “wherefores”.

IT project management assistance (full-time) 2005-2006

I assisted one of the IT project managers at TOTAL Germany.

I carried out tasks such as project controlling & reporting, creating technical expert reports, and conducting acceptance tests with external contractors. The main project I was involved with was upgrading and moving a mission-critical 24x7 real-time enterprise system from a contractor to an in-house environment.

I gained immense insight into IT project management and enterprise IT. This helped me to associate my Business Computing studies with real-world experience, thus deepening my understanding of the field.

TYPO3 website migration 2005

I migrated the old static HTML site of the Fördergemeinschaft Ökologischer Landbau Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. to TYPO3.

The Fördergemeinschaft Ökologischer Landbau Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. is a charitable organization for the advancement of organic produce in Berlin and Brandenburg. The main task of this project was migrating the static website to a TYPO3 v3.6 based backend, i.e., migrating all layouts and all website contents as the only contractor. I did some additional PHP coding, e.g., an online version of the Bio Einkaufsführer (an organic buyers guide), a newsletter engine, and a picture gallery. As I am not involved with the client anymore, I cant specify how much of my initial work remains on the website. Nevertheless, the migrated design and the picture gallery persists until this day.

On-site IT support 2004-2005

I supported the IT infrastructure and users of the Fördergemeinschaft Ökologischer Landbau Berlin-Brandenburg e.V..

The Fördergemeinschaft Ökologischer Landbau Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. is a charitable organization for the advancement of organic produce in Berlin and Brandenburg. Accompanying my other work for this client I also did part-time on-site IT support, e.g., managed parts of their IT infrastructure and advised them on IT related topics.

Campaign Homepage 2004 & 2005

I created a custom PHP-based site backend, converted the screendesign to HTML/CSS and supported the site authors during the campaign.

My first self-employed web project was the campaign homepage for the “Berliner Bio Weihnacht”, whose goal was to advance the usage of organic produce in the christmas seasons of 2004 and 2005. As the lifetime of the site was limited and the content authoring not extensive, I’ve created a PHP-based “mini CMS” specifically for the site. There are some German news articles about the 2004 and 2005 campaign.