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This site is about ...

... my love for writing code, the IT projects I've realized, and my academic publications. In my free time I also enjoy making music and taking photos. My home is Berlin, Germany where I live with my wife and baby girl.

Now and then

I'm a researcher at the Service-centric Networking Chair of TU Berlin, compiling my dissertation and working for the TRESOR research project. Before, I graduated with distinction as a M.Sc. in Business Computing from the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin.

Current research

My dissertation covers cloud service brokering and description, using a domain-specific language, a pertinent business vocabulary, and an open brokering component, to tackle issues with contemporary approaches.

Skills and abilities

Expert: Ruby (Rails, Rack, EventMachine, RSpec, Capybara, Jekyll), Java (Eclipse Modelling Framework and OSGi platform, Spring, Grizzly), WordPress, Linux administration, Cloud Computing concepts and technologies, Requirements analysis and modelling (using UML)

Experienced: .NET (WCF), PHP (CakePHP), Visual Basic for Applications (automating Office), IT project management, Iterative Software Development (Agile, RUP, Kanban)

Basic: Creative tools (Illustrator, Lightroom), Android development

Connect with me

I regularily post funny pictures, links, and (hopefully) thoughtful things on my Facebook wall.

You can also connect with me professionally through my Xing profile.